Private tuition

Pricing for private/small group tuition

Yoga was traditionally taught one-on-one and it’s the perfect way to address your personal needs especially if you can’t get to class or just prefer to practise in the privacy of your own home or with a friend or two.

You don’t need fancy leggings/fitness wear or lots of space to practice (just enough to roll out a yoga mat or two in your home/office) and a willingness to try and allow me to help guide you in the best way suited to you and your needs. Being flexible is not a prerequisite :).

Session times available – Monday to SUNDAY

Evenings after 6pm Evenings after 6pm During the day & evening (last session 6pm) During the day & early evening (last session 5pm) During the day & early evening (last session 5pm)


Recommended 8 week programme consisting of 1h15m weekly class, taught either in the comfort in your home or in the Pilates Hut in Banchory (Pilates Hut available only at certain times). The 8 week programme can be taken up over 3 to 4 months. Or you may choose to do just a few classes, or even one or two to help with your technique and to ensure you are practising safely.

  Total per person
1 to 1 £65
2 people £37.50
3 people £30
4 people £25
5 people £22
6 people £20